Rugged Fest

Rugged Fest 2015

What Is Rugged Fest?

Think "blacktie gala meets Ringling Brothers." Rugged Fest is our annual fundraising event, led by our Rugged Events team and an invaluable group of volunteers. Each year we will have a new theme and a new team of volunteers getting things done. This year the Founders Team will help lead the way to Rugged HQ (more on that later). Get ready for Rugged Fest 2016: Carnival!


Why Is It Called The Founders Team?

The Founders Team is the group of motivated people who will help us create the foundation for the future of Rugged Events! Every year we will select a group of enthusiastic volunteers who will help us reach our goals. Since it’s our very first year of operation, we’re counting on this team to help us build our organization from the ground up. This first group will be helping us lay the foundation for greatness - watch out, Ben Franklin!


What Are The Funds Being Used For?

Our goal is to turn a vacant city lot into a headquarters that will be used for office space and events. Proceeds from this event will fund our Rugged HQ project, and will go towards an office and event space, stage, furniture, the land, parking and more. Because of that vision, donations are much needed, will be extremely helpful, and put to great use. Click on the image below to learn more about Rugged HQ.


Rugged Fest 2015 Lot



How do I become a Founder's Team member?

Contact us to setup a meeting with you so we can fill you in on the requirements, answer your questions, and explain all of the fun we'll be having while we build something great together!

What kinds of things are Founder's Team members expected to do?

As a Founder's Team member, you'll be raising funds, inviting people to the events, and helping shape the future of Rugged Events. Plus, you'll be having fun while you're doing it.

When will Rugged Fest be held?

Rugged Fest is happening in the Spring of 2016. Date and location to be determined.

Is the event open to everyone?

Yes! Although our focus is strengthening families through men, we are an organization that is open to everyone.

What do I do if my question isn't answered here?

Contact us!

Founders Team


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