What Is Rugged Events?

There is a real problem with men today; we have lost the true meaning of manhood. It seems that we think there are only two options at our disposal; we're either the "nice guy" or the "jerk." In reality, we should be focused on being strong, empathetic, competitive, and compassionate.

How do we help? Most events that men are invited to involve the "bar scene" or something similar that isn't a healthy environment. The alternative is choosing to avoid those situations, and often times that means we're avoiding all social outings. That's where we come in.

We host wing nights, athletic events, camping trips, and other events that are fun, healthy, and allow men to be men. We want men to be able to have fun while growing stronger in who they were created to be.

That's what Rugged Events is about; strengthening men who can then strengthen their families. We also partner with organizations that do not have many males in leadership roles so that children can experience connections with men as well as women.


What Are Our Core Values?

  • Our events will be fun
  • All of our events will be healthy (physically and spiritually) to the men that attend
  • We will be involved with local community groups and churches to allow our event attendees to become connected
  • No one will be turned away because of cost


Mission Statement

The mission of Rugged Events is to provide fun events in a healthy environment that help men be better leaders for themselves and their families.



Do you need help with this?

Yes! We need help at the events, with the planning process, and we're even seeking a few board members if you're really motivated. Also, donations will be a big help as we get started.

Where will the events be listed?

You can find the link for the events here.

Who is welcome at the events?

Everyone! Well, mostly everyone. We will have some events that include spouses and girlfriends, but all of our events will be open to guys who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. So, that's pretty much everyone.

What's the 501(c)3 status?

In progress! The incorporation process is complete, and it typically takes between 2-12 months until the 501(c)3 is approved. Everything should be official in mid to late 2015.

What do the donations go to?

They cover the costs of incorporating, the legal fees for the 501(c)3 paperwork, promotional materials, a post office box, website fees, software, trademark registration, insurance, stipends, and other expenses like event setup costs and training. We also don't want anyone to be turned away from any events we host because of cost, so we will be covering event fees for people who can't afford it.

Are the donations tax deductible?

Not yet, but they will be once the 501(c)3 is approved (see above). In some cases the donations become retroactively deductible, but you know how confusing our tax code is - that's why we're still saying "not yet".

What do I do if my question isn't answered here?

Contact us!

Our Mission

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